PACE program poised to launch in Virginia

Less than two years after the revised PACE-enabling legislation made it through the Virginia General Assembly, Arlington County has become the first in the state to take concrete steps toward adopting a PACE program through the selection of Sustainable Real Estate Solutions as program administrator.  While still pending formal County Board approval, the county’s enthusiasm for PACE and its resolve to be a first adopter in the state will no doubt lead to the program’s success.

Arlington County and the Community Energy Coordinator, Rich Dooley, have shown a willingness to move quickly and decisively in leading the way for other cities and counties throughout the state and region to follow suit in establishing PACE programs.

It’s our hope that Arlington’s example will encourage neighboring counties as well as other entrepreneurial and energy-conscious localities throughout the state to investigate the benefits of PACE for their constituents and local economies.

Read more about this at Southeast Energy News.

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