Green Financing Services

C-PACE Financing

Abacus is one of the nation’s foremost experts on C-PACE, working closely with multiple capital providers and program administrators on structuring projects. More information on C-PACE services can be found here.

Green Revolving Funds

Abacus assists in developing scope, parameters, and metrics for monitoring projects over time. Operational savings from energy efficiency and renewable improvements are returned to the fund and reinvested in future projects.

Multifamily Green Loans

Abacus identifies the best loan based on debt/equity structure, building condition, and timing of the transaction. We manage the analysis and certification of the process, and secure financing with trusted partners.

Incentives and Grants

Abacus optimizes the utility rebates, solar PPAs and grants, weatherization grants, on-bill financing, and storm water reduction incentives into financing.

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