Energy Advisory

Energy Advisory Services

Performance Analysis

Abacus recommends the most applicable analysis given the building type, building use, and the owner’s needs such as cost reduction, inflation hedging, GHG emission reduction, etc. We offer our clients benchmarking, single or multi-measure energy audits, targeted monitoring with remote sensing, and retro-commissioning (maximizing the efficiency of existing systems).

Vendor Selection

Abacus identifies, evaluates, and negotiates with vendors to recommend services and products that maximize savings as well as sustainable practices.

Energy Procurement

Abacus secures the best electric and gas rates based on factors such as pricing, contract terms, product structures, and credit conditions. As part of this service, Abacus also reviews utility rate schedules and negotiates changes to rate structures based on historic and future usage and incorrect billing practices. It has been estimated that 80% of utility bills contain errors, resulting in lost revenue for the utility customer. Abacus serves as the client’s advocate in the process.

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