C-PACE Financing

C-PACE Financing

Abacus is an innovator in the C-PACE marketplace, advising local and state governments on how to adopt and implement C-PACE programs; launching new C-PACE markets; working with developers to include C-PACE in project capital stacks; training contractors, lenders, and service providers; and demonstrating leadership by spearheading initiatives through participation in the PaceNation Board and supporting VPA in developing the first ever Resiliency PACE Workgroup and PACEfi marketplace.

Program Administration

Abacus has supported, designed, and/or implemented C-PACE programs around the country particularly in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Texas, Illinois, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, Oregon, and New Jersey.

Program Administration services include:

    • program design and maintenance;
    • marketing, outreach and training;
    • managing the application process from project screening to closing;
    • ongoing servicing coordination;
    • technical compliance support; and
    • advocacy of PACE policies to local and state governments

Abacus serves as the technical advisor for two leading program administrators in Virginia and Illinois:

Virginia PACE Authority
Illinois Energy Conservation Authority

Marketing and Outreach

Since 2012, Abacus has designed and lead C-PACE outreach, education, and training programs for local governments, building owners, lenders, and contractors, and for organizations such as PaceNation, MidAtlantic PACE Alliance, C-PACE Alliance, USGBC, ULI, CREW, ICSC, NRDC, BOMA, and a variety of economic development, environmental and energy efficiency associations.

See sample C-PACE presentation developed for the Virginia program here.

Owners Rep Services

Abacus facilitates the development and financing of energy saving and resiliency projects for commercial building owners. For C-PACE, Abacus works with developers and owners to identify the project scope, garner available incentives, and assemble the senior debt and C-PACE components of the capital stack.

See Abacus fact sheet focused on Retroactive Financing here.

Lender Consulting Services

Abacus brings nearly 20 years of experience in commercial real estate finance and due diligence to provision of full-service consulting services for lenders interested in participating in the C-PACE marketplace.

See Abacus PACE lender services here.